We Do Both Wholesale and Retail

Ali Katz Kitchen is open to the public for retail Fridays – Sundays 9am-4pm, although we do take special orders that can be picked up during the week.

We are a retail bakeshop that also carries TO GO savory foods; jar salads, quiches, soups, sauces and other snacks.  

When we’re not open for retail, our kitchen is used for wholesale orders.  We work with local farmers to provide value added products for them to sell at their farm stands and to other businesses.  We also provide local restaurants, vineyards and small businesses with our products. 

We also do some catering, so talk to us if you are planning a small event.

We’re here for you if you’re visiting the North Fork and need a gift for your hosts.  We carry some fun retail items for kitchens & parties.

Our Regular Menu Items

Assorted Cookies
Our cookies are some of the most popular items in our shop. Our standards are the ever popular chocolate chip, our gingersnaps in their mason jars, rugelach, the linzer, our espresso shortbread cookie and our 2 gluten free regulars; the peanut butter chocolate chip and chocolate tahini sandwich cookies. But we're always experimenting! Stop in and check out what's in our cookie jars!
Cupcakes$3 to $4
Our basics are vanilla and chocolate, and we also do coconut. Our regular frostings are chocolate or vanilla buttercream and sea salt caramel But if there's something special you're looking for, just ask!
Chocolate Pudding$8 for 1/2 pint
As a teenager, Ali's favorite thing to make and eat was chocolate pudding pie; that old instant standard with a graham cracker crust and cool whip on top. Sometimes she did not wait for the pudding to even cool. So she set out to find a chocolate pudding recipe that she could recreate that dessert with. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This is her favorite dessert to eat EVER.
Bread Pudding
Made from our leftover croissants, our bread pudding was listed in Dan's Papers as one of the best things eaten in 2015!
Moroccan Almond/Orange Cake45.00
This gluten free cake is a customer favorite. At Ali Katz Kitchen we try our best to make recipes that are gluten free taste like they are NOT. We think we have succeeded with this recipe. Almonds, a hint of orange with an orange marmalade glaze...and we'll even frost it for you if you want it as a birthday cake.
Croissants and Pain au Chocolate
Almost tastes like you're in Paris!
Scones & Muffins
Aside from our cookies, our scones are the best selling pastry that we make! Fresh fruit & honey make our scones a popular weekend breakfast. With our freshly baked muffins and some croissants and pain au chocolate, they make a lovely platter for houseguests!
Chocolate Banana Bread
Real chocolate, good cocoa powder, perfectly ripened bananas. This one's an old favorite at our house, so we're happy to be able to share it with you too!

In Our Larder

Veggie Chili$7/$13
Sold by the pint & the quart, our veggie chili is a local favorite. And it's vegan too, unless you add sour cream and cheddar, which we can't resist doing!
Mac & Cheese$15
Our mac & cheese can be found in our freezer case. Super creamy and delicious, it's one of our most popular items amongst our regular customers.
Seasonal Soups
All of our soups are made from scratch. For any chicken soups, we make our own chicken stock which makes them even yummier. Our chicken noodle soup definitely can cure a cold! Our vegetable soups, made with our veggie stock, are all vegetarian, and most are even vegan! We usually have options in the fridge of our larder, and also in our freezer case. Sold in both pints and quarts, all great for grab and go!
Dips, Spreads & Snacks
Our regulars are our house made fresh ricotta cheese, roasted eggplant & red pepper dip & olive tapenade. We've also got delicious snacks like Feisty Acres pickled eggs in the larder! Lots of good stuff to put out for guests!
Seasonal Quiches$10/$25
Our quiches are well known on the North Fork. Each crust is made from scratch, and the difference that makes has people coming back for them time & time again. We've always got some in the larder, but if there's one you specifically are looking for, please call & order it. We'll be happy to make it for you! Quiches are baked in individual and 9" sizes.
Jar Salads12.00
Our jar salads are made fresh, and are the perfect meal to take to work for lunch during the week! We change them seasonally except for a few of the favorites. Dressings are on the bottom, so all you need to do is shake it up and dump it into a bowl and you are good to go! These salads can be found at both Ali Katz Kitchen as well as The Giving Room in Southold, and at 2A in the East Village, NYC when their outdoor cafe is open.